Thursday, August 7, 2014

Home School High School and Public School Supplementation 2014-2015

This is the shortest post of all the since we are doing mostly free and online resources for four of the children. Public school has gotten so expensive so it's imperative to cut back where I can in our homeschooling journey.

The 4 older children

My high schooler is a junior in high school. Last year, we did an overloaded year. It was super stressful, but we got a lot of credits done. This year, to start the year, she is going to be taking some lighter classes at home: Forensic Science, logic (Foundations) class, Bible, PE/Health through Easy Peasy High School. She is also going to do some supplemental work using Life of Fred mathematics. After Christmas, she will add in another college class, Apologia Chemistry and something for Geometry. Also, we will be adding resources from Ambleside Online as time permits.

With three in public school, we do school all day and night, it seems. Our children are in grades 8, 7, and 4. They struggle with some information processing, writing and math so as we have time, we will be doing supplemental activities to help. Most of them will be online. I will update as we determine what each child will need.

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