Thursday, August 7, 2014

Todder School for a 2 year old

Easter 2014

The 2 year old is an energetic boy, who runs from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed at night. He doesn't take much of a nap so it's important to keep him busy. He is known in our family as "The Destroyer". lol  We are setting up a lot of centers around the house so he can find lots of activities to keep him occupied.
Number 1 goal is potty training!!!!!!

BEFORE FIVE IN A ROW with kindergartener at various times throughout the year

Create an art area (for all the children) that is tot friendly so he can get a variety of items (feathers, pompoms, sequins, glitter, ribbon and yarn pieces, pasta, eyes, etc.),  to glue on various papers, felt or cloth, color and cut (using play-doh scissors then kid scissors). Get washable paint for pasta, rocks, and paper. Crayons and markers need to be available. Include the play-doh tote. (Do keep the paint and markers higher up so only the older children can get them.) 

Hang prints of famous artwork/artists on the wall and rotate out periodically. Focus the child’s attention to the wall hangings ever so often.

Set up a music center that includes a variety of instruments and recordings.

Hang posters of music notes/rest, etc. on the wall and rotate out periodically. Focus the child’s attention to the poster occasionally.

Language Arts:
Pick out 2-3 picture books for the week and read each one sometime during the day, every day. Find new, interesting places to read so it is kept exciting and fun. On a bed, under a tree, in a closet, snuzzled up in a chair, on the swings, at the picnic table, etc.

Listen and play as books are read to the kindergartener

Poems and finger plays with the kindergartener

Adults and older children tell stories about family, growing up, made up stories and anything else

Later in the year, we will read some vocabulary building books and maybe try the My Baby Can Read curriculum. A couple examples of books, we’ll use:
Child-land: Picture Pages for the Little Ones (vocabulary building)
Harry’s Ladder (vocabulary building)

I will add to my toddler book list each week as I use the books and resources.

Science/Social Studies:
Nature walks at least weekly

Attend field trips with the older children

Practical Life:
Set up stations, based on Montessori, to encourage more independence and life skills.

Tea Time with family

Sensory/Motor Skills:
Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving Sensory Table:  Corn, fake fall leaves, acorns, buckeyes. Add in some fun Halloween things like spiders, bats, etc. Take out the Halloween things and put in gourds, letters that say THANKS, etc.

Winter/Christmas/Valentine Sensory table: Various shapes of noodles. Add white pompoms for snow, white glitter, snowman, etc.  Then, use it for a Christmas table by adding green noodles, ornaments, nativity set, etc. Then, take the Christmas stuff out and add hearts, red stuff, etc.

Make a few Montessori materials that will encourage sensory growth.

Work on puzzles up to 5 pieces until mastery or boredom occurs. When this happens, switch to a new one. Review the mastered ones periodically.

Learning through Play:
Set up centers for dress up, grocery store, and medical, vet, etc. for creative play.


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